"If tennis & badminton had a baby,
Torques would be born."


What is this new sport?

  • Torques is the off-court racquet sport you've been waiting for. Play anywhere from the park to your backyard, on the grass or (our favorite) on the beach. Torques is sure to take your breath away.

What is the key difference between Torques & Badminton?

  • Torque shuttles can tolerate far more wind than badminton birdies. This gives you more opportunities to play outside.

No Court Needed. Play anywhere with enough room. Beach, Park, Backyard, Anywhere!

Easy to learn & especially easy if you've played a racquet sport before.

Torques is played with tennis racquets. Yes, any tennis racquet will work with the Torque Shuttle.

Do you own a tennis racquet already?

Torques is designed to be played with normal tennis racquets. We did this on purpose to keep the cost of entry minimal. If you have racquets, all you need is a tube of Shuttles to get started!

Torques is powered by VØST

For example, Tennis is the sport & Wilson is the brand. Torques is the sport & VØST is the first brand of the sport. Oh YEAH, we believe this sport is going global BIG!

V for Visionary

Our simple vision is to help people find health & happiness through an active lifestyle of playing Torques. Our grand vision is that Torques is a global sport & played in the Olympics.

Ø for Off-Court

Being contained to a court is boring. We like to be able to play outside of the box. Think different. BE different. Play Torques.

S for Shuttle

Our patented shuttle (the magic behind this new sport) resembles a birdie from badminton, but don't be fooled, it zooms through the air much differently.

T for Technology

Technology plays an essential part of this sport. From the development of the Shuttle to the innovative option of scoring with the T2 Torques timer app. "It's Time 2 Score."

This sport is awesome, but don't just take our word for it!

Video Testimonials


5 Time World Champion Raquetball Player


Tennis Fan & Former High School Tennis Player

Competitive FlyZone

The Flyzone is created by the use of the two pairs of nine foot poles slid into anchor tubes that are designed for use in sand or turf. A fair shot is between the poles and between the lines.

The Deadzone is the zone between the players. If you hit into the dead zone it is OUT.

Behind the End Line, in front of the Front Line, on the Line, and into the Poles are all considered OUT.

3 Ways of Scoring

Normal: Either player serves. Serve must be returned to start a valid point. First to a 11 or 21. Win by 2.

T2 Torques Timer: IT'S TIME 2 SCORE with our innovative app that allows for a brand new way of scoring based on time. Either player serves. Serve must be returned to start a valid point. Time starts when served. For example, if the rally lasts 18 Seconds, 18 points are awarded to the winner of the rally. Depending on the time you have & your energy levels, it is first to 50 or 100 seconds for a set. 2/3 sets or 3/5 sets to win the match.

Competitive with Serve: Underhand serve from behind the End Line. Aces are allowed. Only 1 chance to serve. First to 21 wins. First person to serve, serves once. Then you serve twice switching every 2 serves until the set is finished. Win by 2.


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Do the shuttles break?

  • Yes, the shuttles eventually break.
  • They are not indestructible quite yet. Maybe one day.
  • We only ADVISE to hit the nose of the shuttle when playing Torques.
  • Only serve underhand, dropping the nose of the shuttle on to the racket face.
  • Hitting the shuttle any other way than on the nose can damage or break the shuttle.
  • If you hit the wings of the shuttle, they may snap off. From our experience of playing if one wing snaps off, the shuttle still flies.

Is Torques hard to learn?

  • No, Torques is easy to learn. If you have played any other racquet sport before (tennis, pickle ball, racquetball, smash ball, badminton) than Torques will probably come easy to you.
  • We like to use the visualization of sliding the racquet head at a 90 degree angle along the top of a table. It is similar to a volley in tennis. Instructional videos are coming soon.

What is the Torques Timer App?

  • The T2 Timer app is an innovative new way to score based on the time of the rally.
  • You can download it on the Iphone App store by searching Torques.
  • You will need a 3rd person to keep score for you when playing a match.

Is Torques a good workout?

Torques is a GREAT workout! If your looking to get into shape & have fun, this is the sport for you. And if you play in the sand, you are pretty much guaranteed to burn those unwanted calories. You can expect to burn between 400-500 calories per hour.

Will Torques be a professional sport?

Absolutely. One day Torques will be a professional global sport played in the Olympics as a beach sport. GTO stands for Global Torques Organization. Tennis has the ATP tour & Torques will have the GTO tour. But for now we are focused on getting the sport into as many hands as possible. One day at time is our motto.

Is Torques really based on an ancient game?

Yes, Torques is based on an Ancient Game. Please check out our YouTube Video that explains the ancient origins of Torques and Subscribe to our channel while your there.



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