Racquet Torques

Racquet Torques is played with tennis racquets and you can set up anywhere. Beach, grass, or even on a hard surface! New Scoring App coming!!


Torques Toss

Toss is much like cornhole and with scoring that's as easy as 1,2,3 it's fun to play and score. Our Toss Birds take flight with a spin and rest in the nest. It’s super portable and can be played almost anywhere. Similar to cornhole, but a hole lot better! Our new Torques App will include Toss scoring with our new A.C.T. Mode to promote mindfulness to "Let Go and Grow!"


Armed Coping Torques with Body Activated Coping Skills

We've developed a set of mindfulness coping skills that borrows from research supported Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to create A.C.T. Armed Coping Torques integrates with our fun Toss game to teach arm coping skills. Torques Toss is used to help arm people with ways of dealing with the challenges of life. Armed Coping Torques has 2 general applications in developing mindfulness coping skills and mental health awareness (A.C.T. Armed Coping Torques) and in clinical treatment settings (A.R.T. Armed Recovery Torques). We are arming people with tools to help slow down our over stimulating world to better manage reactive behaviors so we can: "Let Go and Grow" and as we like to say "Let it rest in the nest"


Our Ancient Story: It's as old as Time!

Well actually about 8th Century B.C. according to Wikipedia, check out the Wiki Link below. You can also check out our Ancient Origins video on the Torques TV YouTube Channel.

Wiki Link

Torques TV is on YouTube!!

Please check out our videos, the Drone ones are my favorites and there's the OG (old guy) with the Ancient Story of Torques. Please Subscribe to our Channel! The Future Takes Flight on Torques TV!!

Torques TV

Our New Torques App is coming

Our latest App will have both Racquet Torques and Torques Toss scoring to bring a high tech twist to our ancient game! In the meantime the link below goes to our 1st App the Torques Timer.

App Store

Torques Support

We here at the Global Torques Organizaton the (GTO) support you in all things needed to make sure you enjoy your Torques experience. Please feel free to email me Scott (Inventor) at: scott@torques.tv and I will personally see to it that your issue is resolved.


Scott Thomas Peterson, Founder