Torques is designed to be played with our TorqueRacquet, which is a 26-inch Carbon Fiber Tennis Racquet, but Torques can be played with any regular tennis racquet. The shuttle can be too large for smaller Junior tennis racquets however.

Getting Started

The easiest way to be initiated into the game of Torques is with the “cooperative volley.” With a partner standing about 25 feet away, using an underhand serve, hit the shuttle to your partner and try to maintain an active rally. This is much like playing with a flying disk and trying to throw it to your partner. Rally Torques may evolve much like hacky sack in terms of the number of players and playing distance which can create multiple game formats. Try for the longest rally and vary the distance.

Extreme Rally Torques is a series of different stokes such as the backside and wicket. The “Backside” being a behind the back stroke that makes you “torque” around backwards and “Wicket” being a between the legs or a “wicket” shot is scored in both a forward and backside version. Plus Torques is another variation in which 3 players try to keep 2 shuttles aloft, there are a variety of variations of this games such as 4 players keeping 2 shuttles aloft or even having 4 or even 5 people in a circle hitting as many shuttles as possible. These are but a few of the various freestyle cooperative rally formats. Go for it and get creative.

Competitive Torques and The Flyzone

The Flyzone is created by the use of the two pairs of nine foot poles. The Flyzone poles have anchor tubes that are designed for use in sand or turf. To set up your play field, select any natural outdoor setting (a sandy beach front, a grassy park, even argued stream bed, etc.) approximately 30 feet by 18 feet.

At the center of the play field each player extends one post to the full length of 9 feet (see video). Holding the butt of the post each player can then back away from each other and separate until you touch tips of the poles (see video). This creates an 18′ distance between players – the width of the “Flyzone.”

The length of the Flyzone is created by 3 to 4 pole lengths, depending on the skill level of the players. This creates a great deal of flexibility in being able to find the right size of the flyzone based both on the skill level of the players and the wind conditions. Torques can be played with 1 or 2 players on each side of the Flyzone. The object is to return any TorqueShuttle hit fairly into your Flyzone, back through both sets of Flyzone poles. If there are 2 players on a side, either one can return the volley; but only one hit is allowed per side.