Ancient Origins ~ Modern Twist

As with archery, fencing, darts, wrestling, and other modern games, the history of Torques is also immersed in the arts of warfare. Torques began as a weapon for combat, self-defense and hunting.  Torques were at first thrown at the enemy, then a sling was used, and evidence suggests that early fifth century B.C. Gauls and Britons used wood-handled rods to project them with great speed, accuracy, and strike force.

As the second century, B.C. emerged and the weaponry of battle became more advanced, Celtic and Gaulic warriors began to engage in a new loosely organized activity that, like modern soccer and football, channeled aggressive energies into competitions which used the no longer relevant warlike instruments. At this point, Torques were no longer weapons, but rather vehicles for demonstrating masculine prowess, agility, and athletic skill (much as the discus or javelin were in ancient civilizations of Greece, when these objects had become transformed from hunting and warfare weapons to forms for the expression of symbolic sport). Testing the limits of one abilities and mastering supremacy over ones opponent becomes the goal.

 Dying Gaul

Famous Statue “The Dying Gaul” wearing a Torque — A symbol of bravery

The Torques were crafted from pieces of animal skin and plant fibers, twisted around a smooth, round stone. The skins were moistened, tied at the top, and allowed to dry. This configuration formed a smooth, hard surface with a tail that provided stabilizing spin while in flight.

Baseball Player Wearing Torques

Baseball Player wearing a modern version of a Torque

In time, the Torques came to represent a symbol of vitality and survival, victory in battle, and success in hunting.  Ornate bronze and gold jewelry was produced reflecting the importance that Torques played in these early cultures.  Necklaces, amulets, and rings were crafted and worn as ritual and/or symbolic adornment.

We have re-invented this ancient sport, incorporating historic design elements and game strategy, along with state-of-the-art materials and sports equipment technology, to introduce Torques as an exciting contemporary professional action-sport.